Parent, your kid is actually trying to practice a talent, a skill. You may not think the arts are worth anything but you as a parent are failing your child right now by speaking to them that way. It is you who are dragging the world down.

If a parent has said anything like this to you, take to heart they are wrong. If you are passionate about something, keep at it. All skills and trades are more than welcome and the last thing we need is more negativity. 

Wow. Wow. I just… I cannot fathom… I just CANNOT…


It amazes me that there really are people like this teenager’s mother out there, that really believe what they are saying.

jfc. that kid was certainly handling it better than I would.

I’ve heard this speech before.

I’ve heard this speech, or at least something extremely similar, too. It’s been a while and my parents have at least…. gotten off my back a bit? They don’t bother me about my art as much. It’s mostly the ‘get a good paying job’ factor now.

Playing and practicing the guitar it’s not… it’s not the same as just blasting country on the radio and just sitting there listening to it. But yeah he handled that better than I would have, especially when she came back to keep the argument/scolding going; hate that.

and I’ve heard similar things from my own family about my artwork; I think the worst is that they’ll tell me to my face that it’s terrible or a waste of time and effort, but later on when they think I’m not listening, they pull some of my art out (the ‘terrible’ gifts that I’d made for them) and show others and say “Look at this. Isn’t she talented?” Mixed signals like that are what drive me towards a depressive slump.

I’ve taken up singing lessons recently and I’m terrified of singing in front of them, even though my teacher and a couple people have heard me and say I’m great at it, it’s just I don’t know anymore. I enjoy it and I don’t want their negative views on it to ruin it for me.

Kudos to this guy. There’s no way I’d be able to stay calm like he did.

That woman is fucking disgusting. It sounds to me like she is projecting her own negativity and self-loathing on him because he’s got a talent she doesn’t, and this frustrates her.

It boggles my mind how incredibly frustrating it must be for this kid to endure this kind of mental torture day in and day out. It shows what kind of mettle he has that he is able to stay completely calm and go right back to what it is he was doing after she’s done being a complete and total bitch.

I want to be friends with this kid IRL.


I really would not have taken this so well, at all

if this happens often I really would have exploded

This kid deserves all the hugs in the world because no one should have to hear that for doing something they love to do

Fuck this woman.

how could she say those awful things to her son and then have the balls to say that his generation ” has no mentality” bitch you’re the stupid one here. 

This guy needs a million and one hugs. 

He should just keep playing his guitar and get out that house ASAP.